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escalating identity

by CROATOAN, April 2012



I. Identity-Based Organizing

II. Institutional Struggles Over the Meaning of Anti-Oppression Politics
a. On the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC), Again
b. Politicians and Police Who Are “Just Like Us”
c. Anticapitalism and the Material Reproduction of “Race” and “Gender”
d. The Racialization of Rape and the Erasure of Sexual Violence

III. The Limits of Contemporary Anti-Oppression Theory and Practice
a. Identity is not Solidarity
b. Protecting Vulnerable Communities of Color and “Our” Women and Children: The Endangered Species Theory of Minority Populations and Patriarchal White Conservationism
c. On Nonprofit Certified “White Allies” and Privilege Theory

IV. Occupy Oakland as Example
a. Occupy Oakland, “Outside Agitators,” and “White Occupy”
b. The Erasure of People of Color From Occupy Oakland

V. Conclusion: Recuperating Decolonization and National Liberation Struggles; or, Revolution is Radically Unsafe


This pamphlet was written collaboratively by a group of people of color…

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joy - freedom - rebellion


I don’t like seeing the city destroyed. This is not at all within the spirit of May Day celebrations.

Seattle City Council Member Bruce Harrell, May 1st 2012

Here we are again. For us, not much has changed. However, the cities around us have grown, strengthened, become more adaptable, resilient, and overwhelming in their ability to absorb all of our energy. The contemporary metropolis is a machine designed to extract capital from humans and to keep them pacified while doing so. Those who reject pacification are demonized, marginalized, imprisoned, or murdered.

On May 1st, 1886, hundreds of thousands of workers did not go to work and took the streets in a General Strike, determined to show the capitalists that they would only work eight hour days from then on. In Chicago, the city where the movement for the eight hour day was the…

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Photos from globoal May Day, 2012

Solidarité Ouvrière

Deuxième série de photos des manifestation du 1er Mai 2012 à travers le monde (voir aussi la première série de photos, le 1er Mai à Besançon, Lyon, Sandandaj, Chicago, Souleimaniye, Nazareth et Genève et des vidéos du 1er Mai en Allemagne et à Béjaïa).

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Get the n+1 Gazette #2 Here!

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It’s available in .pdf here

Following last night’s crack down on OWS in Zuccotti Park, it’s good to see that folks are persevering. While the Gazette is pretty mild as far as politics goes, it does offer some interesting articles by Doug Henwood and Liza Featherstone and reporting on Oakland from Sunaura Taylor. (more…)

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