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The Occupation Cookbook

Posted: October 7, 2011 by globaloccupation in 2009, croatia, date, pamphlet
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The Occupation Cookbook is a “manual” that describes the organization of the student occupation of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences that took place in the spring of 2009 and lasted for 35 days. It was written for two reasons: to record what happened, and to present the particular organization of this action in such a way that it may be of use to other activists and members of various collectives if they decide to undertake a similar action.

The Cookbook is currently being translated into several languages. At the moment, all but the final few chapters have been translated into English, and the Introduction has been translated into Spanish. For a full page version of the English translation follow this link, or simply click on the link to any of the chapters listed below. {Order print copies of the English version from AK Press.}