Communique from the Turritopsis Nutricula Collective

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(1) A Somewhat Belated Introductory Communique From The Turritopsis Nutricula Collective

(2) Second Communique From Turritopsis Nutricula: Introduction V. 2/Statement Of Purpose


(1) A Somewhat Belated Introductory Communique From The Turritopsis Nutricula Collective

Turritopsis Nutricula is a multi-gendered, multi-cultural, multi-generational collective of individuals with varied sexual orientations, subcultural affinities and favourite foods. We are a Revolutionary household. By this we mean that we are opposed to police, prison, borders, racism, sexism, heterosexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism, body-policing, speciesism, fascism, capitalism and any other form of oppression.

OK…But WTF is a turritopsis nutricula??

The immortal jellyfish. They are about 4.5 millimeters in diameter and are in the process of taking over the oceans. 1 Possibly the only biologically immortal animal, they will not naturally disappear or die out; they will only multiply. To perpetuate its life indefinitely, the turritopsis nutricula continually reverses its aging process once it matures and begins maturing again from the polyp state. To do this, the turritopsis nutricula transdifferentiates, meaning each of it’s cells are transformed into a new type of cell.. In essence, it becomes a whole new jellyfish each time. We taught that jellyfish everything it knows. Since taking this house, we’ve become a whole new jellyfish.

…You took a house? How?

Accidentally. We marched from SCCCCCCCCC to the house after announcing we’d be taking over a building at the end of the march. We expected to meet resistance from the state, immediately, but the cops stayed at their cars and, before too long, left without saying anything to any of us. We expected them to come back. They didn’t. We expected pepper spray and hand cuffs and battering rams. It hasn’t come. That doesn’t mean it won’t. But we’re prepared. We’ve put a lot of work into our new home and we intend to keep it.

Wait…Was this approved by the G.A.??

Absolutely not. This was [is] not an “Occupy Seattle action” and we have no intention of giving away our autonomy to a new government, or to anyone, for that matter.

We were all involved in one way or another with Occupy Seattle, and the march started at the camp so that anyone there could join us, but the march was organized autonomously and all decisions about the house have been made collectively by those squatting and building it.

…So, you’re not with Occupy Seattle??

If we claimed unity with Occupy Seattle, that would mean we have the same goals, intentions, tactics, desires and demands and that one flag can wave for all of us. We don’t intend to be united with anyone; instead, we stand in solidarity with the #occupy movement, meaning we may have different goals, intentions, tactics and desires 2 and will work with and support Occupy Seattle, as well as #occupy movements elsewhere, The Umoja Peace Center, The Seattle Solidarity Network, strikers and squatters world-wide and anyone else struggling against oppression an fighting for Freedom, with hopes that those comrades will also stand in solidarity with us.

There are actions and analyses coming from the #occupy movement that we will participate in and share. Others, we will oppose. There is talk, now, of turning Occupy Seattle into a 501(c)(3), despite the role the nonprofit industrial complex, the seventh largest industry in the world, has played in maintaining capitalism and degrading our communities, environment and lives, not to mention the way 501(c)(3) status has been used to co-opt movements in the past. The camp is also intending to move to the lawn of a church, after having been invited to do so, thereby forgoing all of the friction and tension we’ve created where capital flows most freely in Seattle and within the recently-deceased “logic” of capitalism, to create points of departure from that mindset and points of Attack against capital and its watchdogs. Rather than uniting with decisions like these, we recommend that participants of Occupy Seattle, and other #occupy movements, act in solidarity with actual occupations everywhere and take over their school, workplace, home or favourite Nike store.

Remember: Reclamations have been taking place as long as military occupations. Some members of Turritopsis Nutricula have been squatting, occupying and otherwise resisting capitalism and other forms of oppression in various ways for decades. We live just down the street from what was the longest building occupation in u.s. history; The Northwest African American Heritage Museum, later co-opted by the Urban League, in 2001, but still a testament to possibilities. Let’s not forget our history.

The #occupy movement joined us

1: “We are looking at a worldwide silent invasion” -Smithsonian Tropical Marine Institute scientist Dr. Maria Pia Miglietta.

2: “Demands” was intentionally included in the first list and omitted here because we as Revolutionaries have no intention of demanding anything from any “authority”, we simply intend to overthrow them.


(2) Second Communique From Turritopsis Nutricula: Introduction V. 2/Statement Of Purpose

As the Expropriation Working Group of Occupy Seattle, we, the Turritopsis Nutricula collective, AKA “Fish Clique,” AKA “Jelly Squat,” feel obligated to point out, dissect and respond to certain misconceptions (that our previous communique apparently didn’t address as well as we’d preemptively patted ourselves on the back for) about #occupywhatever. The question has been raised whether we are “still with Occupy Seattle.” This simply points out a fundamental misunderstanding of the basic structure of the #occupy movement. There is no official roster of Occupy Seattle. The only statement we can think of that would be less meaningful than “We are not with Occupy Seattle.” is “Weare with Occupy Seattle.” That said: We are with Occupy Seattle. We were with “The Movement” before Anonymous was #occupying 4chan. Seeing as “The #occupy movement joined us,” the logical question to ask is whether Occupy Seattle is still with us.

Understanding that no movement does anything, that all social change is brought about by people, we recognize that Occupy Seattle does not exist. The question therefor becomes whether the people who continue to use the “Occupy Seattle” moniker for their actions are with us. Are they still locking themselves down in banks and shutting those banks down for the day to disrupt the flow of capital? Still blocking paddy wagons to oppose the arrest of comrades? Still taking over downtown? Providing free food for the hungry and a space to sleep and exist for the homeless? Is Occupy Seattle still hurting corporate profits, empowering the working class and threatening the status quo? Or is it a nonthreatening liberal reformist 501(c)(3) with dual offices at city hall and at a church? Obviously, there is no simple answer; every social movement is more complex than any slogan or label. “Occupy Seattle” is a moniker used by all kinds of people and groups. We, in the Expropriation Working Group, strive to remain in solidarity with the broader “us” who were joined in The Movement™ by Occupy Seattle.

This “us” includes anyone struggling against all forms of oppression. Here, in the Central, that solidarity means supporting the Umoja Peace Center and the fight for Horace Mann. It means remembering the struggles of the past, from the Black Panthers to the Northwest African American Museum. It means supporting present struggles, against gentrification, austerity and police. To this end, we are working toward opening a community center with a library filled with information on past and present social movements and political struggles. Right now, we are sharing the skills necessary to reclaim buildings with anyone interested, while we work on this space. Ultimately, we want to see Everyone refusing to pay rent or work for someone else’s profit. We hope to be a catalyst for the Occupation of Everything.

Everything for Everyone,

Expropriate the Expropriators.

♥, T.N.

Friday, 12/09/11


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