Get the n+1 Gazette #2 Here!

Posted: November 15, 2011 by D C in Uncategorized

It’s available in .pdf here

Following last night’s crack down on OWS in Zuccotti Park, it’s good to see that folks are persevering. While the Gazette is pretty mild as far as politics goes, it does offer some interesting articles by Doug Henwood and Liza Featherstone and reporting on Oakland from Sunaura Taylor. Check out the table of contents below:

Oakland Raid Sunaura Taylor 2
Rumors Astra Taylor and Sarah Resnick 3
Facilitation Situation Eli Schmitt 4
General Assembly at Washington Square Park Sheila Heti 7
Letter to Grad Students Michelle Ty 7
From GA to Spokes Council Brooke Muse 9
Occupy DOE Liza Featherstone 9
Oakland Rises, Oakland Strikes, Sunaura Taylor 10
Stop and Frisk Svetlana Kitto and Celese Dupuy-Spencer 11
Theology of Consensus L. A. Kauffman 12
At OWS Fiona Maazel 13
NYPD and OWS Alex Vitale 14
Zuccotti Diary Keith Gessen 15
Throwing Out the Master’s Tools Rebecca Solnit 16
The Homeless Question Christopher Herring and
Zoltan Gluck 22
We Are Our Demands Julia Ott 22
Student Debt History and Some Solutions Mike Konczal 24
Throw Them Out With the Trash Barbara Ehrenreich 26
Fleshing Out Corporations Doug Henwood 26
Occupy the Boardroom Mark Greif 27
The Homeless in the Law Roy Snyder 28
Labor, Again Nikil Saval 30
Italy Emiliano Brancaccio 31
Check Up Maureen Miller 32
Occupy the Commons Heather Gautney, 34
Disabled People Occupy America! Sunaura Taylor, ed. 36
Love Affair, Audrea Lim, 36
Drum Circle History and Conflict Mark Greif 38

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