Party in Westlake Park!

Posted: October 7, 2011 by globaloccupation in 2011, date, flyers, October, seattle, usa
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Time: Now until the last banker is hanged

from the entrails of the last politician

Bring: music, food, tents, balloons, banners,

condoms, weird costumes, gas masks

Join the global movement to take the world back

   from the rich and their governments

Of course the revolution isn’t going to happen this weekend, and it probably won’t come directly out of the “99% Movement” of park occupations, which began at Wall Street on September 17 and is now sweeping the globe – inspired by the Arab Spring and uprisings in Spain, Greece, Chile and the UK (see, But hopefully this movement will bring together people who are fed up with the recession, and the governments that seem incapable of anything but bailing out banks, bombing civilians, kicking the poor out of their homes and throwing them into prison. Hopefully by coming together and occupying central spaces in cities around the world, we can exchange ideas about how to change things; hone our ability to cooperate, expropriate and share things; and expand our anti-capitalist networks for mobilization in future struggles.

This is not just another defensive “protest” movement, petitioning the government to make reforms. It does have that component, but it already has more interesting aspects – including the opportunity to educate those participants with illusions that the government will meet their demands or keep any promises after things have settled down.

The financial meltdown of 2008 revealed the deeper crisis in which capitalism has been stuck since the 1970s. Over the past three years of recession, economists keep trying to stimulate investment by saying a recovery is just around the corner, and telling politicians to bail out the banks, enforce foreclosures and cut the remaining threads of our social safety net. But there’s no end in sight, and that’s because the capitalists have accumulated so much wealth (real and fictitious), and the rate of profit is so low, that it will take years of austerity and a few more wars before enough capital is liquidated and wages are pushed low enough for capitalists to consider much investment worthwhile. Meanwhile, we either have to wait as our living and working conditions deteriorate to Depression-era levels, and our bosses and governments bring us closer to extinction through military or ecological catastrophe; or we could take advantage of the crisis by seizing the resources we need to survive, kicking out their “owners,” and figuring out new ways to produce and share whatever we want without the mediation of money. This may sound utopian, but it’s been done before when conditions allowed (to some extent we do it every day among friends and family), and anyway it’s less utopian than hoping for things to improve under capitalism. (See,,…)

So come to Westlake Park, have some fun, and get experience in occupying things together with new friends, and using them in imaginative new ways. On your way there you could try occupying a bus. Even after introducing the car tab tax as an alternative to cutting bus lines, King County has now announced that it will cut the free ride zone, continue raising fares (it’s already increased 80% in the past 4 years), and gradually lay off drivers, increasing the work load of remaining drivers. Don’t put up with it – ride for free! Only 20% of operating costs come from fares, and it’s not like they can’t afford to divert funds from transit security, managers’ salaries or fancy offices. Be nice to the bus drivers, discuss this with them. Collectively riding for free, like occupying public spaces, is a way to get what you need while resisting the ever-tightening squeeze of austerity, and building solidarity with others who want a better world (


download flyer pdf here


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